692: A visit to the studio of Jackie Morris in Pembrokeshire, Wales

ITEM: A visit to the studio of Jackie Morris in Pembrokeshire, Wales

DETAILS: The winner of this bid will get to visit Jackie Morris’s studio near St Davids, Pembrokeshire. 

The winner of the bid will gain exclusive access to a working artist and writers very private and utterly chaotic workplace full of odd things. This is an ideal, unique gift for anyone who loves illustration.
(The studio is upstairs, and is a place of work so this visit s only suitable for over16 year olds. There are also cats and dogs in the house, and visiting The White Cat and Little Pi may prove more interesting for many than visiting Jackie, as Pi and The White Cat are far more interesting)

BIO: Jackie Morris is the author and illustrator of many books for children of all ages from 0 -110. Titles include The Snow Leopard and How the Whale Became. Her book, The Lost Words, with Robert Macfarlane is due for publication in Oct 2017. Her books are published in many languages.

WHO CAN BID: Anyone can bid, but access to the studio is for over 16 year olds only as although this is a place where picture books are made it is a work environment. The winner may bring a guest if they want to share. Depending on where you are coming from you may have to plan your visit to include overnight accommodation in the nearby city of St Davids as I am advised by many that I live in ‘the middle of nowhere’. The cost of this is not included in the bid, but I can give some recommendations for places to stay.



Bid here

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