634: Career coaching, consultation and coffee with Nicola Morgan + writer’s book package


ITEM: Career coaching, consultation and coffee with Nicola Morgan + writer’s book package

DETAILS: A writer at any career stage or none, and of any age from 17 upwards, can have an hour and a half with Nicola Morgan for a career consultation and/or writing advice. This can happen anywhere in London or within an hour from her home in Northamptonshire, or in Edinburgh during the book festival. The writer will also receive a signed copy of Write to be Published and ebooks Write a Great Synopsis and Dear Agent, and one of her novels. Beforehand, Nicola will email you questions about your aspirations, situation or problems, and you can send her a sample of your writing if you wish. Over coffee and cake (paid for by Nicola) you can have the benefit of her advice, from a career spanning 20 years and around 100 books, as well as everything learnt during 11 years on various Society of Authors committees and critiquing around 80 manuscripts. Although she is known as the Crabbit Old Bat for her über-honest advice, she will be charming, friendly and definitely not scary!

BIO: Nicola is a multi-award-winning and best-selling author of fiction and non-fiction, who has forged a successful speaking career to support her writing. She loves helping people have a strong, successful and fulfilling career as whatever sort of writer they wish to be and she used to run a consultancy, Pen2Publication. She has also self-published but is cautious about advising on that route. Her experiences of publishing have made her very practical and realistic, but she has never lost her ability to follow her dreams.

WHO CAN BID: Anyone, but the person receiving the consultation must be able to get to one of the places mentioned above. You can be at any stage of your career and our discussion will remain confidential.


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