628: Write a novel in 90 days – a course with award-winning author Louise Dean

louise dean

ITEM: A Novel in 90 Days Course with award-winning author Louise Dean at Kritikme.com; full three month subscription.

DETAILS: Write your novel in 90 days with the groundbreaking new course featured in Mslexia and The Bookseller. The new way to get that novel done. (Can be gifted to an aspiring novelist or a novelist struggling to get that novel done!)

BIO: Louise Dean is the author of four novels published worldwide. Winner of The Society of Authors Betty Trask prize, Le Prince Maurice and long listed for the Man Booker.

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide

Unsuccessful bidders can choose to donate to the Red Cross anyway and forward their receipt to Louise for with the code GRENFELL for a 25% discount on the entire course; Louise will donate a further 25% to match theirs.


  1. For those bidding on this who don’t win, in respect of your good hearts I will offer you the course at a 25% discount and give the 25% to the Grenfell Tower charity! Thank you for bidding love Kritikme.com


  2. With the blessing of the wonderful organizers, Kritikme is offering those bidding who aren’t in the lead a 25% discount on their course just for being good sorts (you can choose to donate what you save if you so wish) and Kritikme will give a further 25% to the charity for Grenfell when you sign up. Use the code GRENFELL at http://www.kritikme.com this week. Thank you all so much! x


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