608: Coffee and cake date with Zen Cho

Zen 1 Jim C Hines small

ITEM: Coffee and cake date with Zen Cho

DETAILS: If you’re able to get to central London, Zen will take you out for coffee, cake and a chat about writing, publishing, genre and fandom. If you can’t get to London, you get a Skype date minus the coffee and cake. Includes free signed copies of Zen’s books Sorcerer to the Crown and Spirits Abroad either way.

BIO: Zen Cho is the author of Crawford Award-winning short story collection Spirits Abroad and editor of anthology Cyberpunk: Malaysia. Her debut novel Sorcerer to the Crown (Ace/Macmillan), about magic, intrigue and politics in Regency London, won a British Fantasy Award and was a Locus Awards finalist.

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide – in-person meetup if you can get yourself to London (transport costs not covered), Skype date if not. Zen will post the books worldwide at her own expense.


    • Wait that posted in the opposite order? Weird. I upped my bid to £100 because every bit helps the grengell people.


Bid here

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