580: Editorial critique from Bookouture’s associate publisher Keshini Naidoo


ITEM: Editorial critique and Skype follow up call from Bookouture Associate Publisher Keshini Naidoo

DETAILS: I will provide a full written editorial assessment of the first three chapters of your novel and synopsis and offer advice on next steps in a follow up Skype call. I will offer advice on overarching themes, characterisation and plotting, along with suggestions on the commercial viability of your novel. I specialise in commercial crime fiction, from police procedurals to psychological thrillers, so if you are writing YA, women’s commercial fiction or Sci-Fi, another of the amazing editors in this auction might be a better fit for you!

BIO: I have been in publishing for the past fifteen years, working in trade publishers and literary agencies including HarperCollins and the Darley Anderson Literary Agency and was named a Rising Star by The Bookseller in 2017. In my role as Associate Publisher at Bookouture (a division of Hachette), I edit authors including the multi-million selling Angela Marsons, Tom Bale, Kathryn Croft and Casey Kelleher.

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide


  1. I’ve written a psychological thriller set in north London, and I’d appreciate professional feedback and advice. Thanks for offering your time and expertise for such a good cause.

    I bid £200


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