565: A Bumper Pack of Signed Irish Children’s Books + Book Swag (age 8+)


ITEM: Summer Book Heaven: A Bumper Pack of Signed Irish Children’s Books and Book Swag (age 8+)

DETAILS: A bumper pack of over 10 signed books and an original illustration from some of Ireland’s top children’s writers: Judi Curtin, Shane Hegarty, Patricia Forde, Oisin McGann, Marita Conlon-McKenna, Natasha Mac a’Bhaird, Alan Nolan, Nicola Pierce, ER Murray, Sarah Webb.

Also includes fun book swag – bookmarks, pencils, a Judi Curtin bag, pens

Plus an original illustration by Alan Nolan from one of his books

The perfect gift for any child or the perfect addition to any school library.

(The items are not all pictured.)

BIO: Judi Curtin has been described as Ireland’s answer to Jacqueline Wilson and her warm, engaging books about family and friendship are hugely popular.

Shane Hegarty’s Darkmouth series have made him a name to remember in children’s books. All set to become an animated movie, they are fast, furious and a whole lot of fun.

Patricia Forde is an award winning children’s writer from Galway. Her highly original books include The Wordsmith and Frogs Do Not Like Dragons.

Oisin McGann is one of Ireland’s most talented writers and he is also an illustrator. His Mad Grandad series is much loved by children and adults alike.

Marita Conlon-McKenna is a household name in Ireland, where her books are loved by generations. Under the Hawthorne Tree is a modern classic and her latest book for children is Love, Lucie.

Natahsa Mac a’Bhaird has written many popular books for children including the Star Club series and the My Ireland Activity Books which combine facts with puzzles and colouring fun.

Alan Nolan wears many hats – designer, illustrator, cartoonist and writer. His books, which he illustrates himself mix humour with inventive design.

Nicola Pierce’s Spirit of the Titanic was her debut novel for children and has become a huge hit with many reprints. A gripping book set on the Titanic, it’s not to be missed.

E R Murray lives in the wilds of West Cork where her brilliant imagination dreams up highly original books for children. The Book of Learning was the 2016 UNESCO Citywide Read for Children.

Sarah Webb is a writer for both children and adults. She also hosts creative writing clubs for children and mentors children’s writers. Her next children’s book, A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea (with Steve McCarthy) is out in September.

WHO CAN BID: Delivery by post to anywhere in Ireland or the UK


Thank you for your donation and time.


    • Thanks for all the bids. E R Murray will now also write a letter to the winning bid (or a child of their choice) + Nicola Pierce, along with me and Judi – a letter haul for some lucky young reader.


Bid here

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