578: Signed limited edition graphic novel ‘Storm’ by Tim Minchin


ITEM: Signed, personalised limited edition hardback graphic novel Storm by Tim Minchin.

DETAILS: ‘Storm’ is a beat poem by Tim Minchin that details an evening arguing with a hippy named Storm over dinner.  Adapted from the viral smash hit animation, the hardback limited edition of just 2000 copies sold out before it was even published. The auction is for a numbered edition of the book, which Tim will personalise for the winner.   The beautifully illustrated limited edition includes a foreword by Neil Gaiman and an exclusive interview with Tim Minchin. You can look inside the graphic novel here.

The book’s co-creators Tracy King and DC Turner will also include some hand-drawn, unique Storm artwork just for you.

BIO: Tim Minchin is a comedian, actor, writer, musician and director. He is the composer and lyricist of the Olivier Award-winning, Tony Award-winning and Grammy Award-nominated show Matilda the Musical, based on the Roald Dahl book Matilda. His new musical Groundhog Day, based on the 1993 film, opened in London in 2016, winning his second Olivier Award, and opened on Broadway in spring 2017.

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide.


  1. Would love to have this, and the money is well spent – is this really a worldwide bid then? All bids seem to be in Sterling? Is anyone running this?


    • Hiya, all bids are in Sterling to make things easier for everyone, all on the same page so to speak. This site is run by volunteers, you can check out the FAQs for details, but this particular auction is being administered by me – I made the Storm book with Tim Minchin and DC Turner and I volunteer for the Authors for Grenfell project. You’re welcome to contact me anytime, I’m @tkingdot on Twitter, or you can email this site via the contact page and put my name in the subject.

      The winning bidder pays the Red Cross fund directly, no money goes via us. All above board and tickety boo 😀

      Hope that helps, any further questions don’t hesitate to ask!

      Tracy King


Bid here

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