553: Signed and personalised copy of THE PLIMSOLL SENSATION by Nicolette Jones

NJ + pb orig

ITEM: A signed paperback of The Plimsoll Sensation: The Great Campaign to Save Lives at Sea by Nicolette Jones

DETAILS: Nicolette will sign and personalise a paperback copy of The Plimsoll Sensation to you or the person of your choice. She will also stamp the book with a facsimile of the signature of Samuel Plimsoll (1824-1898), which says ‘Yours very truly, Samuel Plimsoll.’

BIO: This book won the Mountbatten Maritime Prize and the International section of the US Maritime Literature Awards. It was also a BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week, and a Guardian Book of the Week. For more review quotes see http://www.nicolettejones.com. It is narrative non-fiction and tells a timeless story of a whistleblower’s fight against injustice, and of the campaign run by the Victorian philanthropist Samuel Plimsoll and his wife Eliza to save the lives of sailors and establish the loadline that bore their name. Nicolette Jones is also a literary critic and journalist and lives in London.

WHO CAN BID: Postage worldwide.


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