547: School visit via Skype with Beverley Naidoo

Beverley Naidoo 3 - credit Linda Brownlee

ITEM: School visit, primary or secondary, via Skype.

DETAILS: Beverley Naidoo will talk with a class or book group, including Q and A, for 45 minutes.

BIO: Beverley Naidoo grew up in South Africa, joining the resistance to apartheid as a student. Her first book Journey to Jo’burg, written in exile and originally banned in South Africa, has remained in print for over 32 years. Widely translated, she has won many awards, including the UK Carnegie Medal 2000 for The Other Side of Truth, a novel about the children of an outspoken Nigerian writer, forced to seek refuge in London. Her short story collection Out of Bounds, with Foreword by Archbishop Tutu,  received the Parents’ Choice Silver Award, Jane Adams Peace Association Book Award and the Children’s Africana Book Award, USA 2004. Books for younger readers include two award-winning books with illustrator Piet Grobler: Aesop’s Fables andWho is King? Ten magical tales from Africa. Her adult non-fiction includes Death of an Idealist: In Search of Neil Aggett, a biography of the medical doctor and trade unionist who was the 51st and only white detainee to die in apartheid detention. Her novel Burn My Heart (Children’s Africana Book Award, USA  2010) is a fictional exploration of 1950s’ colonial Kenya, the world into which Neil Aggett, her cousin, was born. Beverley has received a number of honorary doctorates for her work which is archived at Seven Stories National Centre for Children’s Books, Newcastle, UK. Her website is www.beverleynaidoo.com.

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide, taking into account reasonable GMT! Initial bid of at least £60 please.


Bid here

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