543: S​i​gned copy of KILLING HAPLESS ALLY and tea with Anna Vaught

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ITEM: A s​i​gned copy of Killing Hapless Ally by Anna Vaught.​ If you can get to the Bath area, I will take you out for tea and spoil you.

DETAILSAnna​ will sign and personalise a ​paperback copy of the novel​ to you or the person of your choice.

BIOAnna Vaught is the author of autobiographical novel, Killing Hapless Ally (Patrician Press, 2016), novella The Life of Almost​ (Patrician Press​, autumn, 2018) and is currently editing her third book, historical fiction, Passerines and co-editing and editing two anthologies for Patrician Press. She is a published essayist and poet, secondary English teacher, tutor and mentor to young people and a mental health campagner and advocate.

WHO CAN BID: Postage world, but does not include travel to where I am (Bradford on Avon, near Bath – loads of good train connections and I can pick you up from the station).​ Tuesdays, Fridays or weekend.

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