533: Book brunch with Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison + secret Waterstones Piccadilly access

tom and lucy

ITEM: A book-brunch date with Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison.

DETAILS: Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison will take you to brunch at The Wolseley, sign copies of their books Lobsters, Never Evers and Freshers, then take you on a book shopping spree in nearby Waterstones Piccadilly, where staff will whisk you with super-secret special access to see the best view in London…

(Spree means you can pick, like, one book. Two if it’s on Waterstones buy-one-get-one-half-price.)

BIO: Co-authors of the hilariously funny novels Lobsters and Never Evers, Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison met in the sixth form and have been friends ever since. Lucy is a school librarian at a girls school in central London where she gets most of her inspiration. Tom is a journalist and has written for ShortList, Time Out, Vice, talkSPORT, ESPN and Viz. Their new YA novel, Freshers, will be published in August 2017.

WHO CAN BID: Anyone but you must be able to get yourself to central London, travel costs are on you! Waterstones super-secret special access is not guaranteed, but the shop will do its best to accommodate you.


Bid here

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