534: A YA copy edit from Jessica White


ITEM: A pro copy-edit of your YA or MG novel from Jessica White.

DETAILS: Jessica will copy-edit your YA or MG novel, up to 80,000 words (Word files only, please), and return it to you within three months. A copy-edit includes fixing spelling, grammar, usage, repetition, pointing out where wording feels clunky, tracking consistency of plot details and timeline, and watching for tone/feel/appropriateness. Depending on whether you’re in the US or UK, she can also style the manuscript in British or American English. If you’re self-publishing, a thorough copy-edit is crucial, and if you’re submitting, agents and editors love a clean manuscript.

BIO: I’ve been a copy-editor for YA and MG for over ten years in the US and the UK — first at Scholastic UK and now with Scholastic US, Abrams, Harper Collins, Macmillan, Bloomsbury, and Simon & Schuster. And I know how hard it is to show your work to someone else, so I will be gentle!

WHO CAN BID: Native speakers of English worldwide.


Bid here

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