440: Your cat included as a character in the next Alfie book + signed copies of all Alfie hardbacks!

faith author portrait 2014

ITEM: Cat lovers – have your cat immortalised as a character in a book.  Plus signed copies of all the ALFIE (adult)  hardback books.

DETAILS: Have your favourite pet as a character in Rachel Wells next ALFIE (cat) book. The winner will not only have their cat named, but also mentioned in the acknowledgements of the book. Rachel will also send signed copies of all the books in the ALFIE series so far – hardback.

BIO: Rachel Wells is the  Sunday Times Bestselling author of the ALFIE series (for adults) – books published by Avon. Books so far: ALFIE THE DOORSTEP CAT, A CAT CALLED ALFIE, ALFIE & GEORGE. The fourth book is due for release in November this year. Rachel lives in North Devon.

WHO CAN BID: Postage worldwide



  1. I would love Smudge and Sky to be in you’re books they are half sisters but like chalk and cheese, Smudge is a scary cat and Sky is a dare devil.
    I bid £45


  2. I’m bedbound and my cat Lily is an amazing companion to me. I think she would make a great book character so I will happily bid £100 to start with.


  3. My little Meredith is a rescue cat who was thrown out to fend for herself because she was pregnant. She gave birth to six babies in an animal sanctuary and we met/fell in love just after. She said she doesn’t want any publicity so I am going to give to the Red Cross appeal today x


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