417: Three signed novels, a named character and lunch in London with Isabelle Broom

ITEM: Three signed novels, lunch in London and a named character.


DETAILS: Isabelle will sign all three of her novels for you or a named person, name a character for you in her next novel and treat you to lunch at somewhere lovely in London.


BIO: Isabelle Broom is the author of three escapist fiction novels (published by Penguin) and lives in London.


WHO CAN BID: Postage worldwide, but the lunch has to be UK-based (sorry!)


Author photo


  1. Hey! I bid £100 and we grab a cheap & cheerful lunch. Why? Because it’s the company that counts, we can feel blessed we aren’t having to deal with the consequences of the fire, we are blessed by food and the extra money we would have spent on lunch can go to the families as well!


  2. I’m going to bid against myself and make a visually-pleasing bid of £123. If I am successful, can I bring along a friend? Her name is SJ and she is a HOOT.


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