465: Signed copies of the ‘Book of Storms’ trilogy by Ruth Hatfield

ITEM: Signed copies of the ‘Book of Storms’ trilogy (The Book of Storms, The Colour of Darkness, The Book of Shadows) by Ruth Hatfield

DETAIL: Ruth Hatfield will sign and dedicate UK copies of her Middle Grade adventure/fantasy ‘Book of Storms’ trilogy

BIO: The ‘Book of Storms‘ trilogy tells the adventures of schoolboy Danny O’Neill as he battles against the terrifying demon Sammael, a creature of both darkness and light, who wants to bring chaos to the world. Through his adventures, Danny joins forces with characters from both the human and natural worlds, facing his deepest fears and coming to understand his own humanity. The first volume, The Book of Storms, earned a Kirkus star and was The Bookseller’s Children’s Book of the Month in November 2014. Ruth Hatfield is an archaeologist and writer from Cambridge, UK. Website: ruthhatfield.co.uk

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide (if bidder is from US, will send US copies of the books)


Bid here

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