449: Remote web surgeries with Kristen Harrison of The Curved House

kirsten harrison

ITEM: One-to-one web and social media training

DETAILS: Publisher Kristen Harrison is auctioning a bundle of remote web surgeries (Skype/online): you will get three one-to-one sessions to plan, execute and review and web strategy. The Curved House one-to-one web surgeries are designed to help individuals get to grips with digital media and find ways to use online technologies to improve your work. This means practical things like helping you work out which things to focus on, how to build and run a website or blog, or how to use social media, but it also includes advice about how to publish your work as books or ebooks, how to attract an agent or publisher, or how to improve your public engagement activities as an academic.

BIO: Kristen Harrison is a publisher and visual literacy educator at The Curved House. She is also the co-founder of Visual Verse, an anthology of art and words. Kristen has run web surgeries with the Society of Authors since 2012 and has worked with hundreds of authors to help them cure their “Digital Depression”. “These surgeries have been extremely popular with our members. They have all sold out each time we’ve held them and various members have come back for further sessions…” – Anna Ganley, Society of Authors

WHO CAN BID: Anyone, anywhere.


Bid here

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