457: Productivity+ coaching for a writer from Jacqui Lofthouse of The Writing Coach

jacqui lofthouse

ITEM: Two one-hour coaching sessions to be taken from September 2017 onwards.

DETAILS: Two telephone or Skype coaching sessions for a writer. This is not feedback on writing work, but a space to discuss aspects of working practice including time management, confidence, writing habits and practices, productivity, publicity and promotion or the business of writing. Conducted by Jacqui Lofthouse who runs The Writing Coach http://www.thewritingcoach.co.uk. Alternatively one in-person two hour meeting can be taken.

BIO: Jacqui Lofthouse is Founder of The Writing Coach. She is the author of four novels, The Temple of Hymen, Hamish Hamilton/Penguin 1995/1996, Bluethroat Morning, Bloomsbury 2000, Een Stille Verdwijning, De Bezige Bij 2005 and The Modigliani Girl, Blackbird Digital Books 2015. She is a qualified Life Coach (CoachU USA). You can find out more about her work here: http://www.thewritingcoach.co.uk

WHO CAN BID: International (sessions can be conducted by Skype or phone).


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