472: School visit + signed books by author Susan Moore


ITEM: SCHOOL VISIT and signed books by Children’s Author Susan Moore

DETAILS: The ‘Nat Walker’ series author, Susan Moore, will visit your school and entertain children with a lively presentation about how she created the futuristic world for her ‘Nat Walker’ trilogy. Her writing is cinematic, fast-paced and epic in scale. She takes her audience on a journey into the future, igniting both girls’ and boys’ imaginations with robots, gadgets, kung fu and fashion. She engages with them in an interactive way with questions, voting and a good sense of humour! Suitable for children ages 9-13.

Signed copies of ‘Crimson Poison’ and ‘Emerald Secret’ will be donated to the school library.
Susan is a wonderfully engaging speaker who brilliantly captures the imagination of her audiences.” Simon Meadon, Festival Director, Stoke-On-Trent Literary Festival


Susan Moore was born in the verdant county of Derbyshire. She emigrated to California in her early twenties in search of sunshine and adventure. She found both at Skywalker Ranch, where she worked for the creative force of Lucasfilm. Unable to escape her own destiny, she finally returned home to England and embarked on the long road to becoming an author.

She now lives in Surrey with her husband, daughter, and two, busy dogs – a chippet, and her very own wolf. She is fascinated by the potential of technology, particularly robots, and is keeping fingers crossed that dragon robots like Fizz in her Nat Walker Trilogy will soon become a part of everyday life. She has an MA with distinction in Creative Writing from Kingston University. A BBC Radio Interview with Susan can be found on www.susanmooreauthor.com

Twitter: @SusanMooreAuth

WHO CAN BID: UK Schools Only Please


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