414: Drink up with Bath’s authors!


ITEM: Bath authors take you out for tea in their World Heritage city!

DETAILS: Bath is awash with writers. You can’t walk down the street without tripping over them. We think it’s far safer to sit in a tea-room (or pub) with them, so that’s what you’ll do. We can’t promise that all our diaries will match up, but win this bid and you’ll certainly get some of us. We will take you out for cream-tea or wine or a light bite, and chat about books, writing, or whatever tickles your fancy (within reason).

BIO: Writers will include some, if not all of the following: Joanna Nadin (Rachel Riley diaries, Penny Dreadful, Joe All Alone), Anna Wilson (The Parent Problem, Pooch Parlour series), Fleur Hitchcock (Bus Stop Baby, Murder in Midwinter), Maudie Smith (The Dressing-Up Dad, Opal Moonbaby series), Lucy Diamond (The Secrets of Happiness, A Year of Taking Chances), Rachel Ward (Numbers, The Cost of Living), Jason Hewitt (The Devastation Road, The Dynamite Room), Rachel Delahaye (the Jim Reaper series), Mimi Thebo (Dreaming the Bear, Coyote Summer).

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide – but please bear in mind that you’ll need to get yourself to Bath and find accommodation, if you require it.


  1. This has to be the most awesomely random auction lot! Good luck everyone bidding in the last mad dash!


Bid here

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