439: Boozy lunch + signed book from Ian Martin


ITEM: Boozy lunch and signed book.

DETAILS: Ian will come to your home town, buy you a boozy lunch and obscenely sign a copy of Epic Space.

BIO: Ian’s a comedy writer (The Death of Stalin, Veep, The Thick of It, etc). A compilation of sarcastic architectural columns, Epic Space, has just been publiched by Unbound.

WHO CAN BID: Anyone in Scotland, Wales or England.


  1. Not sure you’re going to let me after the last one.
    Maybe I could sit at the next table and eavesdrop? Or promise not to say anything to any of you other guests?


    • Oh mate, what’s your bid? If it’s over £501 we’ll sort it, I’ll buy one of your paintings anything. And have a fucking brilliant lunch. x


  2. £502 if you and David both take my husband out for lunch somewhere nice in London but only if you both like red wine – no teetotallers I’m afraid…. X


Bid here

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