418: Beasts of Olympus book dedication + signed copy + lunch with Lucy Coats in London

Lucy Coats

ITEM: Dedication in the next Beasts of Olympus book, PLUS signed and doodled copy on US publication, PLUS weekday brunch or lunch, book chat and goodies in London.

DETAILS: Lucy will dedicate the next title in her Beasts of Olympus series to the person of your choice, sign and doodle in the US paperback copy to you or the person of your choice upon publication (2018), and send it to you. She will also take the person with the winning bid to brunch or lunch at the fabulous Central Street Café in Clerkenwell, London, on a date TBA. There will be book chat and goodies!

BIO: Lucy Coats is the author of 42 books for children and young adults, and lives in Northamptonshire. You can find out more at http://lucycoats.com

WHO CAN BID: Postage of book worldwide but the café chat part of the package will be in London and must be taken on a mutually agreeable weekday date.


Bid here

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