447: A conducting lesson with Lev Parikian and an Orchestra + 2 Signed Books

ITEM: A conducting lesson with Lev Parikian (and well-behaved orchestra) plus signed and dedicated copies of his two books.

DETAILS: You will participate in one of Lev’s conducting masterclasses, conducting an orchestra for about 20-30 minutes with Lev’s guidance, in a piece of music to be decided between the two of you. Lev will also sign and dedicate copies of his two books: Waving, Not Drowning & Why Do Birds Suddenly Disappear? (when published – it’s currently in editorial development with Unbound)

BIO: Lev Parikian is a conductor, writer and hopeless birdwatcher living in London. His numerous conducting credits include the re-recording of the theme tune for Hancock’s Half Hour for Radio 4; his first book, Waving, Not Drowning, was described as ‘hilarious’, ‘a must-read’ and ‘mercifully short; and he once saw a black redstart (or so he says). His hobbies include avoiding the news, shouting at technology and stubbing his toe. He has never been to Uzbekistan.

WHO CAN BID: Anyone who can get to London for a weekday evening some time this autumn/winter.


Bid here

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