365: Signed and annotated proof from Matt Killeen + extras

ITEM: A signed and annotated proof copy of Matt Killeen’s debut novel, plus extras.

DETAILS: Matt Killeen’s YA debut novel, described by Elizabeth Wein as “a stunning, smart, grounded tale of intrigue in Nazi Germany…deeply disturbing and chillingly good” is due to be published in Spring 2018. As soon as he gets his paws on one, you’ll receive a signed ARC, annotated with extras, secrets, historical background info and any remaining semi-colons crossed out with a silver pen.

EXTRAS: copies of MMU Writing School’s “Crimelines” & “Timelines” anthologies, featuring Two of Matt’s short stories and a dazzling array of new writing talent, plus work by Livi Michael, N M Browne, Catherine Fox, Sherry Ashworth & more.

BIO: Matt Killeen was born in Birmingham back when trousers were wide and everything was brown. Early instruction in his craft included being told that a drawing of a Cylon exploding isn’t writing and copying-out your mother’s payslip isn’t an essay “about my family.” After attempting to make a living as an advertising copywriter and largely ignored music and sports journalist, he now writes for the world’s best loved toy company. His debut novel for young adults set at the outbreak of World War Two will be published by Usborne in the UK and Viking PRH in the US in Spring 2018. Married to his Nuyorican soul mate and parent to both an unfeasibly clever teenager and a toddler who is challenging his father’s anti-establishment credentials by repeatedly writing on the walls, he accidently moved to the countryside in 2016.

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide.

Matt K


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