352: Named character + signed books from Rachael Lucas

ITEM: Character name and signed books

DETAILS: A character named after you in my next YA novel, My Box Shaped Heart, and a signed and dedicated copy on publication next spring, as well as a signed and dedicated copy of The State of Grace which will be sent on completion of the auction.
BIO: Rachael Lucas is the author of adult and YA novels, the most recent of which is THE STATE OF GRACE (Macmillan).
WHO CAN BID: Worldwide.


  1. Man, who wouldn’t melt at the thought of this? ❤ Stunning. Definitely going to be outbid by my low price, but I'd be honoured to place something as the first bid. £5 start off!


    • Fatimah, for being first to bid I’m going to send you a signed copy of The State of Grace – just email me proof you’ve donated your £5. You can contact me via my website which is linked below! xxx


      • You’ve got a heart of gold, Rachael ❤ This offer made me tear up a little bit – your kindness has touched my heart deeply (even though I don't deserve it!). I'll most definitely email you in a couple of days, albeit a little shyly, and gosh… thank you so much. I really can't find words to say anything else except that I'm so grateful for your generous and sweet gift. Sending my love, hugs, and eternal gratitude xx


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