369: Named character in Philip Pullman’s THE BOOK OF DUST Part Two

ITEM: The right to name a character in the second part of THE BOOK OF DUST.
DETAILS: This book will follow the first part of THE BOOK OF DUST, ‘La Belle Sauvage’, which will be published in October this year. The second part (not yet titled) will follow next year. The right to name a character doesn’t guarantee that he or she will be good, bad, beautiful or otherwise, but it will be a speaking role with a part to play in the plot.
BIO: Philip Pullman is the author of HIS DARK MATERIALS, and winner of the Carnegie Medal, the Astrid Lindgren Award, the Whitbread (now Costa) Book of the year, and other awards.
WHO CAN BID: Worldwide.


  1. It’s wonderful to see an online community come together like this in honour of Nur Huda, and all the victims of such a tragic event. Well done to James for the lovely tribute and I’d like to please add £50 to his bid.


  2. The number of people supporting and adding to James Clements’ bid for Nur Huda is really touching. Please add £50 for me – thank you.


  3. Please add £100 to James Clements’ bid for Nur Huda el-Wahabi to become a named character in Philip Pullman’s book please.
    Thank you


  4. Please add £100 to James Clements’ bid for Nur Huda el-Wahabi to be the named character. Also – I know this isn’t really on offer – but to mark this amazing ‘en masse’ bid, I’d like to suggest that ‘James Clements’ is also made a named character.

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  5. please add £10 (and I wish it could be more) to James Clements for Nur Huda. In memory of her, and for all the victims. Such a good cause .


  6. Please add £20 to James Clements bid for Nur Huda. I am dying to read The Book of Dust, and now will await the second book with even more excitement.


  7. Please add £20 to James’ bid for Nur Huda el-Wahabi.

    With much love from a school library in Wales which will tell its readers the story behind the character’s name year on year.

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  8. A wonderful idea. Please add £25 to support James’ bid to name a character after Nur Huda el-Wahabi. Thank you.
    May Nur Huda and all the other Grenfell victims rest in peace.
    Thank you to the organisers and all those in publishing for restoring our faith in humanity. Xx


  9. Please add £25 from me for James’s bid for Nur Huda el-Wahhabi. Thank you everyone for restoring my faith in humanity.


  10. Please add another £10 to James’s bid. Nur Huda will be a wonderful name for a character in Philip Pullman’s wonderful world/s.


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