338: Lunch, editorial report + agent advice from Jonny Geller, CEO of Curtis Brown


ITEM: Lunch, and an editorial response + agent advice, with CEO of UK’s largest literary agency

DETAILS: Jonny Geller, Joint CEO of Curtis Brown and literary agent to John le Carre’, William Boyd, Tracy Chevalier, David Nicholls and David Mitchell amongst others, will send you an editorial report and agenting advice to any first time writer.

BIO: Jonny Geller is Joint CEO of Curtis Brown and Managing Director of the books division. Jonny represents a wide range of writers, from authors of first class literary fiction to best-selling thriller writers, from ground-breaking journalists to public figures and business people, from comedians and actors to the very best writers in the field of women’s commercial fiction. Jonny was shortlisted for the British Inspiration Awards in 2011, and was shortlisted for the Literary Agent of the Year Award three times before winning the award in 2012. He has consistently been included in the Evening Standard’s 1000 Most Influential People in London list. He was named amongst Britain’s most influential 500 people by Debrett’s 500 in association with the Sunday Times in 2015 and in the same year as one of GQ’s 100 Most Connected Men in Britain.

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide (travel costs not included)


  1. Given I was distracting myself by reading this post instead of finishing typing up my manuscript I think I should crack on with the latter. That way I might actually have something to present if Mr Geller puts his services up for auction again in future.

    Good luck bidders.

    Back to the keyboard …


    • How brilliant for the charity! Well beyond my means now so will wish you all the best of luck, donate my bid to the charity and hopefully write something si fabulous that I will get to meet Mr Geller one day anyway. Well one can dream!! Good luck all


  2. Well I was going to bid £750 which is as much as I can afford, because Jonny is someone whose opinion I value more than most. Sadly £750 won’t cut the mustard in this auction, but I shall donate it anyway. Thank you for inspiring me to do this.

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  3. £2,200. Dear Jonny, thank you for doing this, it’s such a good cause. I’m bidding for my girlfriend, who’d be thrilled to have the benefit of your advice… and she doesn’t even mind about lunch!


  4. gbp 2,650- Thank you Jonny and to all those amazing people that have contributed their talents, advice, books, and other items to this auction. And a HUGE thanks to the organizers for giving their time & commitment and putting this all together. It’s an amazing feat, which shows that kindness and generosity are what will propel our society to a better place…blessings to all.


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