379: An evening shadowing national newspaper theatre critic Kate Maltby

Kate Maltby 4756

ITEM: An evening shadowing a national newspaper theatre critic, including tickets to a high-profile press night.

DETAILS: Theatre critic Kate Maltby will take you as her guest to the opening of a new play, and give you a behind-the-scenes experience of everything that goes into crafting a professional theatre review. She will take you for dinner before the performance, discuss what she looks for in a production and what it means to assess achievement in theatre. You’ll be her companion for the show, and afterwards join her for a drink or ice cream to discuss the performance. (Although for ethical reasons, you won’t influence her review!) If the experience is bought for a child or young person, she will invite them to submit their own review to her as a learning exercise, with feedback. Date and specific production to be arranged at mutual convenience.

BIO: Kate Maltby has been a freelance theatre critic for The Times for the last three years, having previously been a critic for The Spectator. (Her review of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hamlet hit controversial international headlines 2015.) At present she also contributes regularly to The Financial Times and The Guardian on the politics of culture and is the Wall Street Journal’s London-based critic. Her website is www.katemaltby.com

WHO CAN BID: UK-based, within distance of UK theatre of your choice. Guaranteed ticket for one guest, but we may be able to procure two for an extra donation.


Bid here

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