330: A school visit from children’s author Karen McCombie

karen mccombie

ITEM: A school visit from children’s author Karen McCombie

DETAILS: Free author visit to schools in or around London (within an hour’s travel by train). Happy to do up to three hour-long talks to different year groups, Key Stage groups, or mix of talks/workshops for smaller groups. My books are suitable for Yrs 3-6 (boys and girls) and Yrs 7&8 (girls). Check out my books/workshops at www.karenmccombie.com

BIO: Karen McCombie is the best-selling author of more than 80 books, and is published by Scholastic, Stripes, Puffin, Barrington Stoke, Faber&Faber and Walker Books. She is passionate about reading, writing, cats and crisps.

WHO CAN BID: Schools in or around London (within an hour’s travel by train).


  1. Would you consider a village 10 miles from Cambridge, if you had a free lift from the station (we don’t have a railway station) to the successful bidder?


  2. Hi Karen, I would like to bid £140 for a middle school in Bedfordshire. We have loads of your books in our Library and the kids would be so excited to meet you.

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    • Dear everyone here; thank you for taking part in this auction, and thank you for choosing to bid your precious chunk of school budget for my services! Unless there’s a last minute frenzy, I think we know which school I’ll be heading off to (thank you SO much, Mrs Gladwin), but I thought I’d make a suggestion… if any of you want to donate your top offer to the Red Cross independently of the auction, I’m happy to come visit you too – just hand me a cheque made out to the Red Cross on the day! If you’d like to take me up on this, you can ping me at karenmccombieauthor@gmail.com and we can chat further…

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