333: A night at the pub quiz with Nadia Shireen and Charlie Higson (plus loads of books)

Nadia Shireenchildrens book author and illustrator

ITEM: Signed picture books and a night at the pub quiz!

DETAILS: Come and join our pub quiz team – we’ll keep you in pizza and drinks if you can help us out on sport and geography questions. Nadia will give away copies of all her books and doodle in them for you, while Charlie will hopefully do a little dance for you (NB dance not guaranteed but a few drinks might encourage him.) Nadia Shireen will draw and personalise copies of all her picture books: The Cow Who Fell To Earth, The Bumblebear, Yeti and the Bird, Good Little Wolf, Hey Presto and anything else she can find in her study. 

BIO: Nadia Shireen is an author and illustrator. She’s nice. Charlie Higson has written loads of books and been on telly. His best known books are the Young Bond series and The Enemy series.

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide – but the pub quiz is in north London, so bear that in mind.


Bid here

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