291: Special editions of the ‘Of Note’ series of books, all signed by Shaun Usher

ITEM: Special editions of the ‘Of Note’ series of books, all signed by Shaun Usher
DETAILS: The winning bidder will get three books: Letters of Note, More Letters of Note, and Lists of Note. All three will be special edition, clothbound hardbacks. They’re gorgeous. I’ll sign/personalise them–or not if you’d prefer. 
BIO: Shaun Usher lives for letters, lists, and beautiful books. In 2009, his love of correspondence resulted in the launch of Letters of Note, an online museum of notable letters which to date has been visited over 100 million times. Four years later, that website spawned a much-anticipated book of the same name, the first of three books of note to be crowdfunded with Unbound and co-published with Canongate; it was published in 2013 to widespread acclaim, has since become an international bestseller, and resulted in Letters Live, a star-studded live show in which these letters are brought to life on stage.
WHO CAN BID: Anyone, anywhere. 


  1. It’d be my honour to start this bid off at (albeit, a shamefully low starting price) £5 and as much as it’s GORGEOUS, I wouldn’t be surprised to be outbid but at the very least x10 very soon! 😀


  2. Like the first bidder, I suspect this will go for much more, but I’ll be happy to be the first to push it above 3 figures – £100


    • £800 is splendid, goodness me! 😀 Wonderful bid, wonderful author, wonderful books, wonderful cause. So happy to see this accelerate in bids; wondering if we have any more takers?! Plenty of time, people!


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