284: Signed copy of The Princess Saves Herself in This One from Amanda Lovelace

ITEM: the princess saves herself in this one by amanda lovelace

DETAILS: Amanda Lovelace will sign and personalize a US paperback copy of the princess saves herself in this one to you for you or the person of your choice.

BIO: Growing up a word-devourer & avid fairy tale lover, it was only natural that Amanda Lovelace began writing books of her own, & so she did. when she isn’t reading or writing, she can be found waiting for pumpkin spice coffee to come back into season & binge-watching gilmore girls. (before you ask: team jess all the way). the lifelong poetess & storyteller currently lives in new jersey with her fiancé, their moody cat, & a combined book collection so large it will soon need its own home. she has her B.A. in english literature with a minor in sociology. the princess saves herself in this one is her debut poetry collection & the first book in the women are some kind of magic series. the second book in the series, the witch doesn’t burn in this one, will be published in 2018. Her official website is amandalovelace.com.

you can also find her as ladybookmad on twitter & instagram (she hasn’t quite figured out snapchat yet.)

WHO CAN BID: Postage worldwide.

Amanda Lovelace.jpg


  1. I have little to no money xD But £16 – because it’s Amanda, so this would be a neeeeeed. (And because I’m so happy she actually joined in when I asked! Absolute star <3)

    PS. If you want to place a bid, know this is one of my treasured TBR books. So, if you want to outbid me, I ask of you to do it with a whole lotta style 😉 Grenfell Tower needs you!


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