273: Signed copies of books from Zoë Howe

ITEM: A signed and dedicated copy of the limited edition novel Shine On, Marquee Moon. 5 available. I will also name a character after you in the sequel.
DETAILS: Music author Zoë Howe will sign and dedicate a copy of her debut rock ’n’ roll novel to you. Shine On, Marquee Moon is a love story with a satirical twist, a dark heart and a bohemian heroine, filled with ageing pop stars, sharp humour, ransom notes and stupid trousers.
Zoë also pledges to name a character after you in the sequel.
BIO: Zoë Howe is a music writer, drummer and visual artist whose debut novel Shine On, Marquee Moon was shortlisted for the Virginia Prize for Fiction in 2016. Her renowned rock biographies include Typical Girls? The Story of The Slits, Barbed Wire Kisses – The Jesus and Mary Chain StoryStevie Nicks – Visions, Dreams & Rumours, Lee Brilleaux – Rock ‘n’ Roll Gentleman and Wilko Johnson – Looking Back At Me. Future projects include a documentary film and biography of X-Ray Spex front woman Poly Styrene, both collaborations with Poly’s daughter Celeste Bell.
WHO CAN BID: Anyone!


  1. Tony Earley bid for signed book by Zoe Howe ‘Shine on Marquee Moon ‘
    character named after me in the sequel.
    Bid £100


Bid here

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