166: Signed books from Ravinder Randhawa

ITEM: Signed copies of The Coral Strand, A Wicked Old Woman, Beauty and the Beast (YA novel), Dynamite (short stories)
DETAILS: Ravinder is happy to personalise the books and write whatever message the bidder wishes.
BIO: Ravinder Randhawa is an acclaimed author and a blogger at Huffington Post. She was born in India, grew up in leafy Warwickshire, now lives in London; agrees with the old saying from Samuel Johnson (in a non-gender way of course) “…when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”  Loves a really good cup of coffee and is currently into Scandi noir.

She is also the founder of The Asian Women Writers Workshop (later known as the Asian Women Writer’s Collective), which published two major collections: Right of Way (1989) and Flaming Spirit (1994). The Collective’s work has been archived by South Asian Diaspora Arts Archive (SADAA) here.

A member of PEN International, Ravinder was the Royal Literary Fund Fellow at Toynbee Hall,  Queen Mary’s College, University of London and St. Mary’s University.  www.ravinderrandhawa.com

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide.


Bid here

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