285: Signed books from Aditi Khorana


ITEM: One signed paperback of Mirror in the Sky + one signed hardcover of The Library of Fates

DETAIL: Published in 2016, Mirror in the Sky is the story of the discovery of an alternate Earth and how it affects the life of Tara Krishnan, the only Indian girl in her high school. Set in a fictional ancient India, The Library of Fates is the story of a louche misogynistic dictator’s slimy advancements on an idyllic kingdom and the women who have to band together across their cultural differences to wrench it back from him.

BIO: Aditi Khorana spent part of her childhood in India, Denmark and New England. She has a BA in International Relations from Brown University and an MA in Global Media and Communications from the Annenberg School for Communication. She has worked as a journalist at ABC News, CNN, and PBS, and most recently as a marketing executive consulting for various Hollywood studios including FOX, Paramount and SONY.  MIRROR IN THE SKY is her first novel. She lives in Los Angeles and spends her free time reading, hiking, and exploring LA’s eclectic and wonderful architecture.  Her second book, LIBRARY OF FATES, a feminist historical fantasy set in fictional ancient India, about a louche misogynistic dictator overthrowing a tiny, idyllic kingdom and the women who must wrench it back from him is out in July 2017.

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide


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