220: School visit from Kristen Bailey

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ITEM: School visit from children’s author Kristen Bailey

DETAILS: Kristen will visit your school for a whole morning (9am-12pm) and be involved as an author-in-residence. This can involve doing writing workshops for pupils (KS1-KS4), giving career talks, hosting an assembly, Q&A, assisting in any writing/literacy activities you may have going on in your classrooms.

BIO: Mother-of-four, binge-watcher, receipt hoarder, hapless dog owner, enthusiastic but terrible cook. Kristen also writes. She used to be a teacher. She has had a variety of dramatic and YA short fiction published in several publications including Mslexia & Riptide. Her novels, Souper Mum and Second Helpings are her own take on contemporary women’s fiction and are published by the very excellent Accent Press.  Since their release last year, she has visited many schools and libraries in the area, giving talks and conducting workshops to people of all ages. She writes a blog about being a modern mother. That and more can be found at her website: www.kristenbaileywrites.com. You can also find her on Twitter @baileyforce6.  Kristen lives in Hampshire, UK but was born and raised in the South London area very near to Grenfell Tower.

WHO CAN BID: This is only available to schools within the South London, North Hampshire and Surrey areas. Happy to collaborate in advance of my visit to tailor everything specifically to your school’s needs.  I’d pay for all my own travel costs but would ask the school to assist with costs for any workshop materials.

Bid here

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