233: Query + three-chapter critique from Alternating Current editor Eric Shonkwiler


ITEM: A fully edited and critiqued query letter and a written critique of the first three chapters of your manuscript.

DETAIL: Alternating Current Acquisitions and Critiques Editor Eric Shonkwiler will edit and critique your query letter with comments and track changes, including a written critique of your query. In addition to the query, Eric will give a written critique of the first three chapters of your manuscript. Eric specializes in literary fiction, but he has critiqued and can critique in any genre, including YA.

BIO: Eric Shonkwiler is Director of Critique Services & Acquisitions Editor at Alternating Current, and the author of Above All Men (MG Press, 2014), Moon Up, Past Full (Alternating Current Press, 2015), and 8th Street Power & Light (MG Press, 2016). His writing has appeared in Los Angeles Review of BooksThe MillionsFiddleblackMidwestern Gothic, and elsewhere. He was a New River Gorge Winter Writer-in-Residence in West Virginia, and has formerly served as Regional Editor for Los Angeles Review of Books, a reader for Pank, and Editor-in-Chief for Crate Magazine: The Journal of University of California-Riverside (now called Santa Ana River Review). You can find his books and publications at ericshonkwiler.com.

Alternating Current Press is ​an independent press dedicated to publishing and promoting incredible literature that challenges readers and has an innate sense of self, timelessness, and atmosphere. We have existed since 1993, and love science, history, homebound roots, rural landscapes, poetic literary fiction, diverse voices, and all that is electric in the literary world. Find us at press.alternatingcurrentarts.com.

​WHO CAN BID: Worldwide


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