255: Primary school theatre show from Really Big Pants Theatre Company


ITEM: A school performance by Really Big Pants Theatre Company.

DETAILS: Really Big Pants Theatre Company is offering a performance of one of their theatre shows in a primary school.  Please nominate a school based in RBK&C.  Our HQ is only two miles away from Grenfell Tower, and we would like to support the local community.

BIO: Our shows are fast, fun, interactive springboards into learning for the curriculum, as well as great entertainment.  You can choose between SUDDENLY…!, a storytelling show that twists traditional tales and celebrates and promotes literacy, andPLUNDERED!, an exciting environmental quest where the children must help us defeat a dastardly litterbug pirate.  You can find out more about these shows, and us, here: www.reallybigpants.co.uk.  SUDDENLY…! is also available as an audiobook.

WHO CAN BID: Anyone can bid.  Please nominate a primary school in RBK&C to be the recipient.  Our shows are suitable for both KS1 and KS2, and are approx 50 minutes long.  Thank you.


Bid here

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