239: Named character + signed proof from Stephanie Butland


ITEM: Name a character in Stephanie Butland’s next novel, and receive a signed proof and signed finished copy

DETAILS: Choose a name for a character in my next novel, publishing spring 2018. It could be your name, or the name of someone special to you. I’ll get some information from you to incorporate into the novel, and mention you in the acknowledgements, as well as sending you a signed proof – so you can read the novel before anyone else! – and signed finished copy of the novel.

ABOUT STEPHANIE: Stephanie has written two memoirs about her dance with cancer, and three novels, most recently LOST FOR WORDS.

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide


  1. No bids yet? Ah, we’ll start this off at £5…shall we? 😉 Very very easy to outbid me for such a great cause (Lost For Words was a brilliant read!)


  2. Finances (or lack of them) mean I can’t match or increase these pledges but I will donate an extra £10. This will be sent in addition to the winning pledge.


Bid here

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