242: Copy-edit of children’s/YA novel by Talya Baker

Talya for BZ

ITEM: Copy-edit of your children’s or YA novel

DETAILS: You will email me your novel in Word. I will copy-edit up to 75,000 words and return it to you within three months, with tracked changes, comments and queries. Copy-editing includes correcting typos, spelling, punctuation, grammar (always as appropriate for style/register/genre), improving or pointing out repetitions, clunky phrasing, querying issues of timing, continuity, tone. If you intend to self-publish, a professional copy-edit is a must.

BIO: I have copy-edited fiction – mainly children’s and YA – for sixteen years, including works by Frances Hardinge, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Eva Ibbotson, Julia Donaldson, Isla Fisher, Judy Blume, Harriet Reuter Hapgood, Cat Clarke, Mary Hoffman, Chris Riddell, Piers Torday and many others. Louise O’Neill described me as ‘The best copy-editor in England’ – to which I pointed out that she hadn’t been copy-edited by any others!

WHO CAN BID: Native speakers of English anywhere in the world


Bid here

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