205: A signed & annotated copy of Straight Outta Nerdsville by Ben Davis

ben davis

ITEM: A signed and annotated copy of the last book in the Private Blog of Joe Cowley series, Straight Outta Nerdsville.

DETAILS: Straight Outta Nerdsville is the cringeworthy and hilarious tale of Joe Cowley and his friends moving to London to take on the cutthroat music industry. This copy will feature annotations from the author, revealing inspirations behind the story and lots of fun facts.

BIO: Ben Davis studied English at University, which was quite easy because he was already fluent in that. Since then, he has written jokes for everything from radio shows to greeting cards and fulfilled a lifelong ambition by writing books for young adults.
He lives in Tamworth with his wife and his wimpy dog. The Private Blog of Joe Cowley is his first book.





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