121: Set of EIGHT signed novels by Justin Somper

Leather Jacket (landscape)

ITEM: A set of 8 signed novels by bestselling children’s/YA author Justin Somper.

DETAIL: Justin Somper is author of the VAMPIRATES sequence of six novels (to date) and the two ALLIES & ASSASSINS novels. He will personally sign for you an English language edition of all 8 novels. You can choose whether to have them all signed for the same person (or people) or to have different books signed for different people.

BIO: Justin Somper is the author of 8 novels for young people, and is currently working away on number 9! He is best known for the award-winning VAMPIRATES sequence, which is published in 35 countries and 25 languages and also for his two ALLIES & ASSASSINS novels, also published around the world. You can find out more about him at vampirates.co.uk, alliesandassassins.com, Facebook.com/JustinSomperAuthor and @JustinSomper.

WHO CAN BID: Anyone.



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