67: Query critique and signed book by Carlie Sorosiak


ITEM: A query critique and a signed copy of If Birds Fly Back.

DETAIL: Author and editor Carlie Sorosiak will send you a written critique of your query letter (which can consist of 200 to 1,000 words), and after you’ve had a chance to read the critique, you can revise and send it back to her a second time, just to make sure that everything is in top shape. You’ll also receive a signed copy of If Birds Fly Back.

BIO: Carlie Sorosiak grew up in North Carolina and holds two master’s degrees: one in English from Oxford University and another in creative writing and publishing from City, University of London. Her first novel, If Birds Fly Back, will be available in seven languages. She is currently a full-time author and copyeditor living in London. Visit her on Twitter @carliesorosiak or at www.carliesorosiak.com.

WHO CAN BID: Postage to UK and Europe only.


Bid here

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