93: A signed copy of Together by Julie Cohen, before its official publication

Julie Cohenjulie cohen book

ITEM: A signed and dedicated hardback copy of TOGETHER in advance of publication

DETAILS: Named by The Independent as one of 2017 top book club reads, by the BBC as one of their most-anticipated books of 2017, and as a Top Read by Australian Women’s Weekly, TOGETHER is an epic love story, told backwards over fifty years, with a devastating twist. Julie will sign and dedicate one of her author hardback copies and send it to you in advance of publication.

BIO: Julie Cohen is an award-winning author whose books have been translated into 16 languages and have sold nearly a million copies worldwide. DEAR THING was a Richard and Judy Book Club pick. Her latest novel is FALLING and her next novel is TOGETHER, out July 2017.



  1. I’d love this so I know it’s going to be really popular, but I’m pretty much broke so I’ll start it off at £7 ❤

    PS. It's probably worth a million though


    • Awwwwhhh, see, this is why readers GET each other, they’re all so nice 😥 (As much as I’d love the book with all my heart, I’d love as much money raised too! Hugs ❤ No worries at all if you want to outbid me by more! I'm going again for it #skintsticktogether ;))


    • Yay! LOVE it ❤ If this is how we are on the first day, I can hardly imagine continuing. Definitely a more-than-beautiful book, and definitely a more-than-worthy cause! -hugs-


  2. Book people are indeed the best people!

    Thank you to all the writers contributing and everyone buying, if I can’t afford to get anything as part of this auction I will make a modest donation afterwards 😊


    • Julie, it’s YOUR book. It sounds gorgeous. It IS gorgeous. Who wouldn’t bid like crazy for it? ❤

      Applauding for the admirable tenacity of both Shelley and Sara's bidding, loved watching this go down! Way to go guys! xx


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