95: A set of signed Strange Town books for reluctant readers by Danny Pearson

danny pearson

ITEM: A set of signed Strange Town books by Danny Pearson.

DETAILS: These eight stories take place in and around Strange Town and are ideal for Reluctant Readers with a reading age as low as 7-8. However, the look and feel of each title will excite and attract a typical 9-12 year old; with simple yet punchy sentence structures, full page vibrant colour illustrations and humorous themes. Danny will sign the complete set to the winning bidder.

BIO: I was born in ‘The Shire’, near London, England, and am very much a child of the 80s. I was brought up on a diet of unusual cartoons and movies involving things changing into other things, or adventures set to cheap keyboard soundtracks. Mobile phones were as big as a shed and the internet was still in black and white.

I’m the senior editor of a publishing company. A published author of over 30 books for young humans. I write for magazines and comics (including The Beano). I am a treasure hunter, a member of the society of young publishers and I also share a house with a pug who has still yet to pay any rent.



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