16: A school visit from Mo O’Hara


ITEM: Mo O’Hara will visit your school and give a signed copy of My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish: Jurassic Carp.

DETAIL: The winning bidder will receive a signed copy of Mo’s latest children’s book plus get a school visit — in person if you’re in the UK, or via Skype for international winners.

BIO: Originally from America, Mo moved to London because she wanted to live abroad but spoke no foreign languages. After a brief and unsuccessful stint as a serving wench at the Tower of London she found work as an actress and comedy performer. She’s performed regularly at Edinburgh and London comedy festivals. A few years back she got a job touring around the UK as a storyteller and that’s when she discovered that kids liked, laughed at and didn’t fall asleep when she performed stuff that she wrote herself. She was hooked on writing and performing for kids.

She wrote lots of stories for kids that nobody published but then I wrote My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish and Macmillan said that they were hooked. (Couldn’t help the fish pun there, sorry.) There are now six MBFZG books and Mo has a picture book out called More People to Love Me.  She still lives in London, still speaks no foreign languages (unless you count American) and is still writing to make kids laugh.

WHO CAN BID: Worldwide


Bid here

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